Just In! The Idaho Legislature Sine Die Report Is Now Online!!

When the Idaho Legislature convenes, there are many imperative issues we look at as the Legislative Branch of Government which is made up of the House of Representatives and the Senate. Here is a report that gives a good breakdown of the work we have accomplished at the Idaho State Capitol this year. Please click on the link below to review this report, and if you have any questions at all please feel free to contact me under the "Contact" tab of this website. link text

Hispanic Health Programs Funds Increased by Republicans

Representative Hixon and House Republicans unanimously supported SB1076, legislation which bolsters funding for the Commission on Hispanic Affairs. Under the legislation, spending authority for an additional $10,000 is granted which will make it possible to spend private contributions on various community activities including the Hispanic Youth Summit. This represents an 11.4% increase in the dedicated fund dollars for community activities including the Hispanic Youth Summit.

Got Government Overreach? Rep. Hixon Has Got Solutions!

Today House Bill 137 was up before the House of Representatives. The bill changed a law relating to Urban Renewal. Currently the Urban Renewal law states that "Urban renewal agencies, within its area of operation, to enter into any building or property in any urban renewal area in order to make inspections, surveys, appraisals, soundings or test borings..." Representative Hixon and House Republicans voted to strike this unconstitutional language, effectively cutting off government overreach.

2nd Amendment Rights Bill Co-Sponsored by Rep. Hixon

Why does it seem like Washington DC is constantly trying to diminish our 2nd Amendment rights? The 2nd amendment was NEVER about hunting, it was about the right to protect yourself and your family against government tyranny. Representative Hixon is the Co-sponsor to House Bill 229, which draws a line in the sand relating to firearms made in Idaho. It amends Idaho Code 18-3315A with a new paragraph that reads:
Any firearm or firearm accessory that is subject to any federal law
or executive order, but which is manufactured in Idaho and remains within the borders of Idaho, is not subject to the authority of congress to regulate under its commerce power because of the federal prohibition against such firearm or firearm accessory in interstate commerce. Therefore, any firearm or firearm accessory federally prohibited under the authority of congress to regulate interstate commerce may be manufactured, transferred, possessed or owned within the borders of Idaho.

Rep. Hixon Votes to Restore 30 Million to Idaho Schools

Today, Representative Brandon Hixon and House Republicans passed House Bill 65 that would restore 30 million dollars back to Idaho's schools. This funding was essentially sitting idle after the repeal of the Propositions.

Rep. Hixon and House Republicans Vote for Job Creation Bill

Representative Brandon Hixon and House Republicans overwhelmingly supported HB 88, legislation designed to create new jobs by providing a hiring incentive tax credit for Idaho businesses.
The legislation was written to simplify the “Hire One More Employee” tax credit process. It also provides a $1000 tax credit incentive if a newly hired employee is a veteran.
The bill’s sponsor, Representative Mike Moyle, (R) Star, said, “A new job is a benefit to the entire state of Idaho. This legislation makes the process simpler for businesses to hire new employees.”
The bill now moves forward to the Senate for a committee hearing.


If you live in Legislative District 10 (most of Caldwell and West Nampa) please consider me for your vote. I am your Republican Nominee, and I have worked hard the last 5 years to make Canyon County a better place to live and work.

I face a Democrat opponent today that supports Obama-like policies including bigger government, expansion of gay rights, higher taxes and opposition to choice in education. There are very good reasons why a Democrat hasn't been elected in Canyon County for over 30 years. What you will get with me being your State Representative is a young man that will stand strong for Idaho and her people.

We need a resilient voice in the Idaho Legislature that will not falter under enormous pressures, special interest groups, or even Chicago-style personal attacks. I will work hand in hand with my constituency on all issues in this State. I will be a champion in representing my people at the Idaho State Capitol. I will continue to fight off harmful Federal policy, keep taxes low, and protect our Constitutional rights.

If you have any questions about my race or my policy views my personal cell number is 440-1074. Please call me anytime. I cordially ask you to join Representative Darrell Bolz, Senator Jim Rice, and Mayor Garrett Nancolas in voting for Brandon Hixon for District 10, House of Representatives Seat A. I would also recommend a vote for Romney/Ryan, Senator Jim Rice, and Representative Darrell Bolz. Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to serving you in the Idaho State Capitol.

What are other constituents saying about Brandon?

I first met Brandon Hixon when he showed up my door to introduce himself as the Republican Nominee for District 10, House Seat A. I was immediately impressed with his willingness to listen to my concerns, engage in intelligent conversation, and speak to some of the major issues we face in this next Legislative session. I appreciate the fact that he was straight forward with me on everything that we spoke about. He didn’t dodge the tough questions that I asked, nor did he waiver on the details
It is my great pleasure to write in recommendation of my longtime friend Brandon Hixon for District 10, House Seat A. Brandon and I became acquainted a number of years ago while fly fishing on the Owyhee River. I can candidly reflect that Brandon is intelligent, articulate and well-reasoned. He is an honest man with integrity and an exceptional work ethic. In our years of friendship, Brandon has impressed me with his honesty and true caring nature. You will be hard pressed to find another who wo
It has been my greatest pleasure to have Mr. Brandon Hixon and his wonderful family as my next door neighbors the past five or so years. I first met Brandon when he first moved into his home and it was then I realized what a highly motivated, performance oriented individual he really is. I have maintained residency in the State of Idaho for a period of 66 years while serving (24) years in the United States Navy and defending this great country of ours. I\'ve always considered myself to be a true
Being new to Canyon County district 10, of course I needed to familiarize myself with my new local politicians. After having done some research and having him come to my front door personally today, I have decided that I will be voting for Brandon Hixon for House seat A. He is a great example of the kind of Republican we need in our state House! Vote Hixon, District 10.
I just met a gentleman running for an open seat in District 10. His name is Brandon Hixon and he\'s a stand up guy. He is young and told me he has a lot to learn but to the contrary, he was very in the know on the few issues I asked him about. He also has ideas regarding using technology so that his constituents can live stream with him and weigh in on different issues as they come up. After talking with him for about ten minutes, he earned my vote. He also explained some of these issues that ar

Brandon Hixon for Idaho House of Representatives


The General Election is November 6th! Make sure to cast your vote to put Brandon Hixon to work for you! Click here for important voting information


What makes Brandon the #1 choice for this important position?

*Both of the other current elected Legislators in District 10 have endorsed and trust Brandon. Darrell Bolz that holds House Seat B and Senator Jim Rice. Caldwell Mayor Garrett Nancolas has also been added to
my endorsement list.

*Leadership- I know how to take on a solid leadership role, and given this position I will be a resounding voice for District 10.

*Dedication- I will demonstrate profound dedication while representing the constituents of District 10.

*Integrity- I believe that integrity is an essential component of excellent representation, and I will demonstrate this in the Idaho Legislature.

*Active Listening- I will hear all sides of an issue from his constituents and make an informed decision with the interests of District 10 at the fore-front.

*Conviction- I STRONGLY believe in Idaho. My unwavering conviction for this great State is monumental. I will not falter even in the face of tough opposition, special interest groups, or other things that may stand in the way of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

The Hixon Family