Promises Kept


2014 Important Legislation

Fighting For Veterans Rights HB 420 This bill gives our honored retired U.S. military veterans in Idaho an estimated $3.5 million annual income tax break.

More Money In Your Pocket HB 595 Co-authored Idaho Medical Savings account updates which empower Idahoans to combat high healthcare costs with Idaho tax free money.

True Healthcare Costs Revealed HB 497 Authored the Idaho Healthcare Transparency Act which is designed to give much-needed transparency for pricing and quality data on Idaho’s hospitals and surgical centers to empower Idahoans to make smart buying decisions with their healthcare.

Cutting Taxes on Small Business HB 315 Personal Property Tax Exemption which raises the Personal Property tax exemption to 100K, which saves substantial money for 90% of the small and medium businesses across the State

Protecting Our Gun Rights SB 1332 Protects Idaho Citizens’ 2nd Amendment rights by not enforcing certain Federal Laws that are harmful to our gun rights.

Fully Funding Idaho Education HB638, an appropriation bill that increases funding for public education and teachers.

Just In! The Idaho Legislature Sine Die Report Is Now Online!!

When the Idaho Legislature convenes, there are many imperative issues we look at as the Legislative Branch of Government which is made up of the House of Representatives and the Senate. Here is a report that gives a good breakdown of the work we have accomplished at the Idaho State Capitol this year. Please click on the link below to review this report, and if you have any questions at all please feel free to contact me under the “Contact” tab of this website.
2014 Legislative Report
2013 Legislative Report

Hispanic Health Programs Funds Increased by Republicans

Representative Hixon and House Republicans unanimously supported SB1076, legislation which bolsters funding for the Commission on Hispanic Affairs. Under the legislation, spending authority for an additional $10,000 is granted which will make it possible to spend private contributions on various community activities including the Hispanic Youth Summit. This represents an 11.4% increase in the dedicated fund dollars for community activities including the Hispanic Youth Summit.

Got Government Overreach? Rep. Hixon Has Got Solutions!

Today House Bill 137 was up before the House of Representatives. The bill changed a law relating to Urban Renewal. Currently the Urban Renewal law states that “Urban renewal agencies, within its area of operation, to enter into any building or property in any urban renewal area in order to make inspections, surveys, appraisals, soundings or test borings…” Representative Hixon and House Republicans voted to strike this unconstitutional language, effectively cutting off government overreach.

2nd Amendment Rights Bill Co-Sponsored by Rep. Hixon

Why does it seem like Washington DC is constantly trying to diminish our 2nd Amendment rights? The 2nd amendment was NEVER about hunting, it was about the right to protect yourself and your family against government tyranny. Representative Hixon is the Co-sponsor to House Bill 229, which draws a line in the sand relating to firearms made in Idaho. It amends Idaho Code 18-3315A with a new paragraph that reads:

Any firearm or firearm accessory that is subject to any federal law

or executive order, but which is manufactured in Idaho and remains within the borders of Idaho, is not subject to the authority of congress to regulate under its commerce power because of the federal prohibition against such firearm or firearm accessory in interstate commerce. Therefore, any firearm or firearm accessory federally prohibited under the authority of congress to regulate interstate commerce may be manufactured, transferred, possessed or owned within the borders of Idaho.

Rep. Hixon Votes to Restore 30 Million to Idaho Schools

Today, Representative Brandon Hixon and House Republicans passed House Bill 65 that would restore 30 million dollars back to Idaho’s schools. This funding was essentially sitting idle after the repeal of the Propositions.

Rep. Hixon and House Republicans Vote for Job Creation Bill

Representative Brandon Hixon and House Republicans overwhelmingly supported HB 88, legislation designed to create new jobs by providing a hiring incentive tax credit for Idaho businesses.

The legislation was written to simplify the “Hire One More Employee” tax credit process. It also provides a $1000 tax credit incentive if a newly hired employee is a veteran.

The bill’s sponsor, Representative Mike Moyle, (R) Star, said, “A new job is a benefit to the entire state of Idaho. This legislation makes the process simpler for businesses to hire new employees.”

The bill now moves forward to the Senate for a committee hearing.