The Issues

Role of Government: I believe that the people are the executive directors of Government, and I recognize that all individuals have inalienable God-given rights which MAY NOT be diminished by any government entity. I will fight to keep the Idaho budget balanced and to also restore our rainy day funds whenever possible. I will try to limit the size of government and make sure that taxes stay low.

The Federal and Idaho Constitution: These documents are sacred. It is because of these that we have lived in freedom for hundreds of years. I will uphold both the State and Federal constitution when considering legislation for the State of Idaho and District 10.

Fiscal Responsibility: I disagree with the way our federal government spends our hard earned tax dollars and I do not support deficit spending. It is of the utmost importance that we as a District, County, State and Country practice fiscal responsibility. 

Taxes: I  believe that Idahoans deserve a fair tax system, which should also be business-friendly in order to create local jobs. I think that a fair tax system should NEVER become a burden to our families, but rather just the right amount to run the necessary factions of government.

Social Issues: I have always been a voice in the fight against abortion. I believe that marriage is between one man and one woman and I do not support gay marriage. I support the freedom of religion, and recognize that we have many different faiths and beliefs around the state and district, however, this country was founded on Christian principles and that should never be forgotten.

Education: I understand that the future of our state and nation depends on a dynamic education system that gives choice to students and parents. I support charter schools, home schooling, virtual classrooms, and a solid, accountable public school system. I am very grateful to our educators who have dedicated their lives to teaching Idaho’s children. I am in favor of a fair pay for performance program that rewards Idaho’s excellent teachers.

Other Ideologies:  I am a strong supporter of gun rights. The second amendment is vital to the protection of our way of life. I also believe that strong families are the very fundamental basis for upholding our conservative beliefs to promote an exceptional society. Traditional family values are the foundation of our nation. I am open to hearing all sides of an issue. I will actively listen to my constituents and promote their concerns/ideas in the Legislature. I believe strongly in self-responsibility.

*Both of the other current elected Legislators in District 10 have endorsed and trust Brandon. Darrell Bolz that holds House Seat B and Senator Jim Rice.  

*Leadership- I know how to take on a solid leadership role, and given this position I will be a resounding voice for District 10. 

*Dedication- I will demonstrate profound dedication while representing the constituents of District 10.  

*Integrity- I believe that integrity is an essential component of excellent representation, and I will demonstrate this in the Idaho Legislature.

*Active Listening- I will hear all sides of an issue from my constituents and make an informed decision with the interests of District 10 at the fore-front. 

*Conviction- I STRONGLY believe in Idaho. My unwavering conviction for this great State is monumental. I will not falter even in the face of tough opposition, special interest groups, or other things that may stand in the way of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.